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9th of May
« on: May 09, 2020, 06:38:30 PM »
♦ Blood buffs now account when rolling traits. You no longer have to (/droll) them separately.
  • e.g /roll Dexterity Athletics 6; will automatically fetch your buffed Dexterity and add it to the dice pool.
  • Reminder to blood buff: /ubp <amount> Dexterity/Strength/Stamina will buff your traits.
♦ (/changeform) prompting invalid value for bird models has been fixed.
♦ (/reception) has been implemented. This command can be used at the PD's reception in order to contact the faction members.
  • Usage: (/reception <message>)
♦ (/kiosk) uniform dialog now prompts Skin IDs of custom PD models.
♦ More animations were added. Animation time has been prolonged, loop animations no longer stop.
  • Animation libraries preloaded, you don't need to do an animation twice for it to work anymore.
  • If this still occurs with an animation, please tell me the animation name and it'll be fixed at once!
♦ (/setfactionspawn) has been scripted for faction leaders to set a spawning point for their faction.
  • Faction members can use (/setspawn faction) to spawn at their default faction spawn.
♦ Division and Salary no longer shows in illegal faction member's (/stats).
♦ (/other) command has been implemented. This command is complementary to the character sheet.
  • It serves the same purpose as clicking on the `Other` branch in (/cs). It gives you immediate
  • access to list your Merits, Flaws, Roleplaying Features, Apocalyptic Form Powers, etc.
♦ (/roll groupini) has been renamed to (/roll group) for simplicity's sake.
♦ An advanced NPC-interaction system has been scripted. This will make players and storytellers' life very lucid. As a result, increase roleplay speed and roleplay quality.
  • (/npcstat) command has been scripted. This allows you to set an NPC traits that can even be rolled.
  • (/npcrolL) command has been scripted. This allows you to roll the NPC traits which you have set. No more individual calculating for storytellers that takes a lot of time from your roleplay. Just do it and roll it right there.
  • (/npccs) command has been scripted. This allows you to check the character sheet of this NPC.
  • (/rnpcstat) command has been scripted. This allows Storytellers/Advisors to remove a certain trait from an NPC.
  • n<npcid> in `T`; can be used to communicate through the NPC.
  • nn<npcid> in `T`; can be used to communicate through the NPC, and apply chat animation.
  • For example, there is Bob (41); if you are an advisor or you have NPC permissions - and you want to speak to your troupe through Bob.
  • To speak through Bob you can: press T, type: n<41>Hello world.
  • This will print as in the chatbox `Bob says: Hello world.`