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Discipline Compendium
« on: May 06, 2020, 12:01:01 AM »
The disciplines of Vampires are far and many. These powers separate Vampires from mortals, providing an incomparable mystical edge over those who would stand against them. With Disciplines, a vampire can exert the strength of a dozen men, force an enemy into thrall, ignite a fire with a glance, or take the mantle of the beast. Even the youngest Kindred, with a few token powers at his command, has an advantage over most threats, while the elders, who have often mastered a fearsome breadth of these potent gifts, can seem almost unassailable.

In Final Nights Roleplay, Vampires have two main books (excluding supplement books such as Lore of the Clans) from which they may be able to temper their characters into the pinnacle of their art. Note that this list only exists for the purposes of selecting Disciplines within Dark Ages Vampire: 20th Anniversary, and Vampire the Masquerade: 20th Anniversary. The catalyst for this compendium has been due to the fact that DAV20 was released quite after V20, and so feature many improvements. You may use any Disciplines from any book, as long as they are of the 20th Edition line. Keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list, any questions/errors/theories should be referred to the Vampire Advisors.

The method to select these Disciplines is simple. In short, treat them as if you would Elder Level Disciplines (If there are two or more Disciplines at a rank, you may only choose one of them to have. You may buy the other powers by spending your Experience Points again.)

(I BOUGHT DISCIPLINE X, BUT THIS LIST WAS OUT AFTER I DID SO): Consult your Advisors to set Roleplay Features (RPFs) that dictate your Discipline tree line.

(I BOUGHT DISCIPLINE Y, HOW DO I SET MY DISCIPLINE PROPERLY?): Consult your Advisor as soon as you make the purchase your update your RPFs.

(WHAT IS THE DISCIPLINE TREE BY DEFAULT?): By default, your character will follow the V20 treeline EXCEPT if the Compendium states the only power at that rank happens to be a DAV20 power, at which point you will adopt all V20 powers and at the DAV20-only tier discipline rank, adopt that very DAV20 power).

Code: [Select]
•: Feral Whispers (V20)
••: Beckoning (V20)
•••: Quell the Beast (V20) // Song of Serenity (DAV20)
••••: Subsume the Spirit (V20)
•••••: Unleash the Beast (DAV20)
••••• •: Animal Succulence (DAV20) // The Twin Souls (DAV20) // The Tongue of Beasts (DAV20)
••••• ••: Conquer the Beast (V20) // Beast Shard (DAV20) // The Devil's Claws (DAV20)
••••• •••: Taunt the Caged Beast (V20) // The Beast's Quills (DAV20)
••••• ••••: Unchain the Beast (V20) // Plague of Beasts (DAV20)


Sudden Revelations
Characters with even one level of Auspex may occasionally get a sense of an impending threat against them. While they are otherwise using any level of Auspex, the Storyteller may choose to roll for a sudden revelation. In secret, she rolls the character’s Auspex score. The difficulty varies as Storyteller discretion, though a robber behind an inn door would probably be a difficulty 4, while a plot by the Prince’s childe to destroy the character that could take decades to unravel would be a difficulty 9. Difficulty can also reflect how important it is to the story that the character has a glimpse of what’s coming. Keep in mind though, it is only a brief precognitive glimpse that may or may not make sense before the event unfurls. Divination is not a science; express the revelation in small sensory details or simple gut feelings. “You smell fire with no source coming from the farm house” or “he can’t be trusted alone” are excellent examples.

The pleasure of the experience and the extensive sensory input is sometimes all consuming. At Storytelling discretion, a character using Auspex nearby or directed toward evocative images may need to resist being consumed by desire to experience the stimulus more. Images of great beauty as well as macabre tableau might pull the character in. A visceral crime scene or reading the mind of a content and creative child can call to the Auspex user with equal appeal. Likewise, sudden or extreme stimuli may shock the vampire’s senses. In either of these cases, the player rolls the character’s Willpower to keep him focused. The difficulty starts as 4, but should increase by the intensity of the stimulus. Should the roll fail, the character becomes overstimulated, and loses two dice on all actions outside of experiencing the stimulus for 10 minus the character’s Willpower in turns (minimum 1). This quirk of the Discipline is rarely perceived as a hindrance by its practitioners, and often grants them special insight through the stimulus that has drawn them in.

Code: [Select]
•: Heightened Senses (V20)
••: Aura Perception (V20)
•••: The Spirit's Touch (V20)
••••: Invade the Mind (DAV20)
•••••: Psychic Projection (V20)
••••• •: Prediction (V20) // Telepathic Communication (V20) // Far Sense (DAV20) // The Heart's Desire (DAV20) // Soul Bond (DAV20)
••••• ••: Karmic Sight (V20) // Mirror Reflex (V20) // Brutal Ecstasy (DAV20) // A Gathering of Souls (DAV20)
••••• •••: Omniscience (DAV20) // Soul's Sword (DAV20)
••••• ••••: False Slumber (V20)


Unnatural Speed
Each point of Celerity adds one die to every Dexterity-related dice roll. In addition, the player can spend one blood point to take an extra action up to the number of dots he has in Celerity at the beginning of the relevant turn; this expenditure can go beyond her normal Generation maximum. Any dots used for extra actions, however, are no longer available for Dexterity-related rolls during that turn. These additional actions must be physical (e.g., the vampire cannot use a mental Discipline like Dominate multiple times in one turn), and extra actions occur at the end of the turn (the vampire’s regular action still takes place per her initiative roll).Normally, a character without Celerity must divide their dice if she wants to take multiple actions in a single turn, as per p. 248. A character using Celerity performs his extra actions (including full movement) without penalty, gaining a full dice pool for each separate action. Extra actions gained through Celerity may not in turn be split into multiple actions, however.

Lastly, by spending one blood point, she may multiply her movement speed by 1 plus her Celerity dots. In combat, this lasts one turn. Otherwise, it lasts the scene.

Code: [Select]
••••• •: Projectile (V20) // Momentum (DAV20) // Precision (DAV20)
••••• ••: Flower of Death (V20) // Quickness (DAV20)
••••• •••: Zephyr (V20) // Physical Defiance (DAV20)


Code: [Select]
•: Ignis Fatuus (DAV20)
••: Chimaera (DAV20)
•••: Phantasm (DAV20)
••••: Permanency (DAV20)
•••••: Horrid Reality (DAV20)
••••• •: False Resonance (V20) // Fatuus Mastery (DAV20) // Shared Nightmare (DAV20)
••••• ••: Suspension of Disbelief (V20) // Blade of the Demons (DAV20) // Far Fatuus (V20) // Interrupt Reality (DAV20)
••••• •••: Synesthesia (DAV20) //Visions from the Asura (DAV20)
••••• ••••: Mayaparisatya (V20) // Fabrication (DAV20)


Code: [Select]
•: Passion (V20)
••: The Haunting (V20) // Soul Haunting (DAV20)
•••: Eyes of Chaos (DAV20)
••••:  Fire Voice (DAV20)
•••••: Total Insanity (V20)
••••• •: Lingering Malaise (V20) // Shattered Mirror (V20) // The Call (DAV20)
••••• ••: Restructure (V20) // The Sword of Malkav (DAV20)
••••• •••: Personal Scourge (V20) // Prison of the Mind (DAV20)
••••• ••••: Lunatic Eruption (V20) // Brother's Gift (DAV20)


Code: [Select]
•: Command (V20)
••: Mesmerize (V20)
•••: The Forgetful Mind (V20)
••••: Conditioning (V20)
•••••: Possession (V20)
••••• •: Obedience (V20) // Chain the Psyche (V20) // Loyalty (V20) // Loyalty (DAV20) // Chain the Psyche (DAV20)
••••• ••: Mass Manipulation (V20) // Still the Mortal Flesh (V20)
••••• •••: Far Mastery (V20)
••••• •••: Speak Through the Blood (V20)


Unnatural Resilience
A character’s rating in Fortitude adds to his Stamina for the purposes of soaking normal damage (bashing and lethal). A character with this Discipline may also use his dots in Fortitude to soak aggravated damage, though Kindred cannot normally soak things like vampire bites, werewolf claws, magical effects, fire, sunlight, or massive physical trauma.

Once per turn, she may spend a blood point to automatically soak her Fortitude in damage, instead of adding it to her Stamina. This can be used to soak aggravated damage as well, but not damage from fire or sunlight.

Code: [Select]
••••• •: Personal Armor (V20) // The Knight's Bane (DAV20)
••••• ••: Shared Strength (V20)
••••• •••: Adamantine (V20 // Armored Flesh (DAV20)

Code: [Select]
•: Cloak of Shadows (V20) // The Silence of Death (DAV20)
••: Unseen Presence (v20)
•••: Mask of a Thousand Faces (V20)
••••: vanish from the Mind's Eye (V20)
•••••: Cloak the Gathering (V20)
••••• •: Conceal (V20) // Mind Blank (V20) // Soul Mask (V20) // Mask the Devil (DAV20)
••••• ••: Cache (V20) // Veil of Blissful Ignorance (V20) // Fortress of Silence (DAV20)
••••• •••: Old Friend (V20) // Reaper of the Heart (DAV20)
••••• ••••: Create Name (V20) // Obscure God's Creation


Code: [Select]
•: Shadow Play (V20)
••: Shroud of Night (V20) // Nocturne (DAV20)
•••: Arms of the Abyss (V20)
••••: Black Metamorphosis (V20) // Nightshades (DAV20)
•••••: Tenebrous Form (V20)
••••• •: The Darkness Within (V20) // Shadowstep (DAV20)
••••• ••: Shadow Twin (V20)
••••• •••: Oubliette (V20)
••••• ••••: Ahriman's Demense (V20)


Unnatural Prowess
Each dot that the vampire has in Potence adds one die to all Strength-related dice rolls. Further, the player can spend one blood point and change his Potence dice into an equal number of automatic successes to all Strength-related rolls for the turn. In melee and brawling combat, successes from Potence (either rolled or automatic) are applied to the damage roll results.

Code: [Select]
••••• •: Imprint (V20) // Crush (DAV20)
••••• ••: Earthshock (V20) // Brutality (DAV20)
••••• •••: Flick (V20) // Aftershock (DAV20)


Code: [Select]
•: Awe (V20)
••: Dread Gaze (V20)
•••: Entrancement (V20)
••••: Summon (V20)
•••••: Majesty (v20)
••••• •: Love (V20) // Paralyzing Glance (V20) // Spark of Rage (V20) // Kingmaker (DAV20)
••••• ••: Cooperation (V20)
••••• •••: Ironclad Command (V20)
••••• ••••: Pulse of the City (V20)


Code: [Select]
•: Eyes of the Beast (V20)
••: Feral Claws (V20)
•••: Earth Meld (V20)
••••: Shape of the Beast (V20)
•••••: Mist Form (V20)
••••• •: Earth Control (V20) // Flesh of Marble (V20) // Adaptation (DAV20) // Ephemeral Slumber (DAV20) // Loki's Gift (DAV20) // Reversion to the True Form (DAV20)
••••• ••: Restore the Mortal Visage (V20) // Shape of the Beast's Wrath (V20) // Spectral Body (V20) // Death's Hidden Crawl (DAV20)
••••• •••: Purify the Impaled Beast (V20)
••••• ••••: Inward Focus (V20) // Draught of the Phoenix's Blood (DAV20)


Set's Gift
Serpentis transformations last for the scene unless otherwise noted, or unless ended prematurely. Additionally, Serpentis powers can be used together.

Code: [Select]
•: The Eyes of the Serpent (V20) // Enchanting Gaze (DAV20)
••: The Tongue of the Asp (V20) // Typhonic Maw (DAV20)
•••: Serpent's Flesh (DAV20)
••••: The Form of the Cobra (V20) // Typhonic Avatar (DAV20)
•••••: The Heart of Darkness (V20) // Mother of Monsters (DAV20)
••••• •: Cobra Fangs (V20) // Echidna's Venom (DAV20)
••••• ••: Divine Image (V20) // Form of the Storms (DAV20)
••••• •••: Heart Thief (V20) // Cerberus's Fury (DAV20)
••••• •••• Shadow of Apep (V20) // Godhead (DAV20)


Body Crafts
Vicissitude requires expansive knowledge of the human body, the kind usually only available through Medicine. The Tzimisce, not particularly given to the art of healing, have developed an alternative: Body Crafts. Body Crafts is a unique Skill (not to be confused with the more generalized Crafts Skill) that combines knowledge of vivisection, anatomy, taxidermy, scarification, tanning, and sculpting into a new kind of artisan Ability. Its primary purpose is to augment the application of Vicissitude. Without Body Crafts, Vicissitude rolls may be made at +2 difficulty using the Medicine Ability. Almost no one outside of clan Tzimisce knows — or needs to know — this highly specialized Skill.

Code: [Select]
•: Malleable Visage (V20)
••: Fleshcraft (V20)
•••: Bonecraft (V20)
••••: Awaken the Zulo Shape (DAV20)
•••••: Bloodform (V20) // The Body Impolitic (DAV20)
••••• •: Chiropteran Marauder (V20) // Blood of Acid (V20)
••••• ••: Cocoon (V20) // Blood of the Earth (DAV20)
••••• •••: Breath of the Dragon (V20) // Sublimation of the Larval Flesh (DAV20)
••••• ••••: Earth's Vast Haven (V20) // The Last Dracul (DAV20)