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Illegal Faction Smuggling System
« on: April 30, 2020, 05:25:54 PM »
Smuggling System: Brief Introduction
Final Nights Roleplay has an interesting illegal merchandise and weaponry smuggling system. The system is quite simple to understand, official illegal factions are capable of smuggling heavy/medium artillery and merchandise (drugs, marijuana plants, explosives, etcetera) into the server and they are the only ones who are able to do so.

Smuggling System: The Process
The process of smuggling weapons in the game server in Final Nights Roleplay is quite lucid and understandable to fit a roleplaying experience. Official faction members who are tier 2 or tier 1 are capable of calling the offshore smuggler who will provide them with the weaponry which they need. The communication process between the local smuggler (the player) and the international smuggler (the bot) is comprehensibly scripted. The number to call this off-shore smuggler is 3417. This number can only be accessed by the illegal faction members who meet the previously mentioned prerequisites.

Smuggling System: Stocks
The amount of weapons and merchandise which can be imported in the server are finite, every illegal faction are capable of importing a fixed number of said weaponry and merchandise per week. This number can be seen when interacting with the offshore smuggler. Stocks will vary depending on supply and demand, the refilling number is not fixed but there is a lowest and highest number. This means that increase in demand will not necessarily mean increase in supply.

Smuggling System: Questions
Needless to say that should you have any questions about this system feel free to either ask me directly on Discord, Forum PM or simply reply to this thread. It will be left open to clear up questions and doubts should there be any.