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9th March
« on: March 09, 2020, 01:23:15 PM »
* Server-Related Update(s):
- (/rplogs; /me and /rpf) no longer cut short when the message is too long.
- (/rplogs) now has `Next` button in the newly opened pages.
- The `Downgrade Background` option has been implemented.
- `General Faction` and `Faction` command trees have been added to (/help).

* Werewolf-Related Update(s):
- Activation of Gifts no longer requires a crouch.
- `Werewolf Advisors` are now capable of editing the `Rank` trait without the confirmation of Chief Advisor.
- - Characters with `Fair Glabro` Merit are no longer affected by the Manipulation and Appearance penalties.
- (/howl) now registers in (/rplogs).

* Demon-Related Update(s):
- Apocalyptic Form (/shapeshift) has been implemented. Your apocalyptic form persists even after disconnection, meaning losing connection to the game server won't automatically shapeshift you back to your mortal form - the only way for you to be shifted back is by typing the command again.
- Having the `Wings` form capability power will grant you the ability to fly scriptly when your apocalyptic form is assumed.