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Shiny Stars
« on: February 20, 2020, 03:35:25 PM »

Shiny Stars

:: The morning news comes up in television and the first thing it reports is a murder. "A few hours ago, an hour before midnight, a murder was reported to the LSPD," the reporter said. "Captain Wiltham from the SCPD is here to speak with us regarding said murder."

Wiltham said, "This was not an act of murder, as the LSPD believes, but an act of vigilantism. There have been 4 cases so far of a man in a red protective suit throwing sharp, lethal star-shaped blades at criminals all over LSPD. The LSPD advises that there is no need to panic. We have this under control." ::

Area - All over Los Santos

Splats - Any

Reward - Experience and others if available

Contact Michael in Discord or Forum PM should you wish to participate.
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Re: Shiny Stars
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