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7th January
« on: January 07, 2020, 02:40:13 PM »
• General Update:
- (/rplog) has been renamed to (/showlog) for simplicity's sake.
- Pressing `Close` on (/showlogs) loads a new page has been fixed.
- Consuming a Food or Drink when you have `99` will bug out your ability to consume more has been fixed.
• Demon Related Update:
- Virtue Experience Cost has been fixed.
- `Demon Advisors` are now capable of adding/removing/upgrading Lores outside character creation.
- New Lore freebie cost has been fixed.
- `Wings (4pt. Low Torment)` has been added to the database. This can be equally purchased as a three-point revelatory power as High Torment. Normal rules apply.
- Temporary Torment now displays in ten empty dots, rather than five.
- Experience Cost of new Lore has been fixed.
- Advisors are now capable of awarding demon characters temporary Faith points for roleplay circumstances.