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Factions / Re: The Los Angeles Circle
« on: February 13, 2020, 08:46:03 AM »

Changelog / 7th January
« on: January 07, 2020, 02:40:13 PM »
• General Update:
- (/rplog) has been renamed to (/showlog) for simplicity's sake.
- Pressing `Close` on (/showlogs) loads a new page has been fixed.
- Consuming a Food or Drink when you have `99` will bug out your ability to consume more has been fixed.
• Demon Related Update:
- Virtue Experience Cost has been fixed.
- `Demon Advisors` are now capable of adding/removing/upgrading Lores outside character creation.
- New Lore freebie cost has been fixed.
- `Wings (4pt. Low Torment)` has been added to the database. This can be equally purchased as a three-point revelatory power as High Torment. Normal rules apply.
- Temporary Torment now displays in ten empty dots, rather than five.
- Experience Cost of new Lore has been fixed.
- Advisors are now capable of awarding demon characters temporary Faith points for roleplay circumstances.

Changelog / 3rd January
« on: January 03, 2020, 01:48:37 PM »
- A new splat have been introduced in the game server, `Demon: The Fallen`, it is now possible to roleplay a `Fallen` in Final Nights Roleplay. The supernatural race is not restricted in any shape or form - you can roleplay the splat as it should or would be.
  All the Merits and Flaws from `DtF Player's Guide` (more than 200!) has been extracted and imported into the database. Character creation is identical to that of the book: Demon the Fallen. We wish you a pleasant roleplay experience as a Demon!
  You will be able to build your custom Apocalyptic Form as per the `Demon: The Fallen Player's Guide` rules with over `120` Apocalyptic Form Capabilities have been imported in the database.
- Character Creation messages have been minimized to avoid chatbox spam.

Demon: The Fallen / Building a Demon (Nature of the Beast)
« on: December 30, 2019, 03:14:20 PM »
When building your demon’s revelatory form, consider the character first. What sort of angel was she? Why did she join the rebellion? What was her role in the War of Wrath? An angel of the sea who spent much of the war spying on the enemy from rivers and streams might assume a sinuous, iridescent form that confuses the eye. An angel of the wild who pursued her foes across the world’s newborn savannas might be lean and long-limbed, able to run without tiring and possessed of supernal physical senses.

With the fallen, form definitely follows function. Once you’ve decided what kind of capabilities the character’s apocalyptic form should incorporate, take a look at the three basic visages manifested by her House’s lore paths. If any of those visages is exactly what you’d pictured, your work is finished. If, however, you envision something different for your character, feel free to use the system presented here to build an apocalyptic form based on the character’s House and primary lore.

A player begins with 16 “form points” with which to build an apocalyptic form. Each capability has a point value ranging from one to four. These lists include “common” form powers (available to demons of any House) and more specialized powers listed by House. The player must purchase eight revelatory capabilities (four normal and four high-Torment) for the character, thus establishing the character’s beginning revelatory form abilities.

Note: These “form points” do not transfer into freebie points; a player cannot choose to spend 10 form points building his character’s revelatory form and then spend the other six to buy additional Attributes or Abilities. By the same token, a player cannot use freebie points to buy additional or more expensive form characteristics for his demon’s apocalyptic form. A starting character’s revelatory form is still based on her primary lore to some degree, so it must have at least one of the basic template’s special abilities as described in Chapter Seven of the Demon rulebook.

This one special ability can come either from the normal or high-Torment abilities of the visage. Additionally, the Houses each have their own capabilities that come more naturally than others. Devils, for example, excel at inspiring (and terrifying) others, but they possess limited ability to change their own bodies, whereas Devourers almost universally manifest aspects of the natural world in their revelatory form. In addition to a list of “common” form abilities, each House has its own list of specialized abilities.

A player who wishes to purchase a form capability from a different House list pays one more point than the listed cost. For example, if a player wanted to give her Devil character the Scourge’s Aura of Vitality, she would have to spend five form points to do so instead of four, as the ability is not available on the Devil House list or the common ability list. The Storyteller is the final arbiter on whether a character may choose a form ability that is not normally available to a character’s House or on the common powers list.

Changelog / 27th December
« on: December 27, 2019, 10:22:33 AM »
- Server cache drastically changed due to importations of vast new models for Werewolf and Bird models. All credits for the following models go to `Blizzard Entertainment` for models obtainment from `World of Warcraft`. FN-RP does not claim to be the creator of the models nor the owner of them. *All rights reserved*.
  All Werewolves will be prompted a Form Selection dialog upon their attempt of (/shapeshift) after this restart. Please select your forms accordingly and we hope you will be satisfied with the results.
- `Shape of the Beast` Flight Form has been added in as part of the new cache, bird models are now available. Upon selection of your Flight Form, you will select the aerial model once; however for players with Totemic Change you can select any model every time you shift.
- Wild Wolf optimizations and change in appearance.
- General server optimization; server will now run much smoother.
- Mowing job cooldown has been fixed.
- Roleplay features optimization and improved flexibility.
- `Fair Glabro` Merit has been scripted in.

Server Guidance / Clarification of Accounts Linking
« on: December 22, 2019, 03:21:07 PM »
Clarification of accounts linking:
The main account stays independent, its your alternate accounts that are linked to your main account.
For example: I have Account 1, Account 2 and Account 3
Account 1 is my main (Account with the highest RPL)
I log into Account 2 and do /link Account_1 Account_1Password
I log into Account 3 and do /link Account_1 Account_1Password

Changelog / Re: 22nd of December
« on: December 22, 2019, 03:20:35 PM »
Clarification of accounts linking:
The main account stays independent, its your alternate accounts that are linked to your main account.
For example: I have Account 1, Account 2 and Account 3
Account 1 is my main (Account with the highest RPL)
I log into Account 2 and do /link Account_1 Account_1Password
I log into Account 3 and do /link Account_1 Account_1Password

Changelog / 22nd of December
« on: December 22, 2019, 03:06:11 PM »
General Updates:
- Advisors can only preview the character sheet of the race they are advising from now on, this is a precaution in order to minimize potential chances of metagame.
- Roleplay Level Synchronization has been scripted; it is now possible to link all of your alternate accounts into your main account and keep your Roleplay Points and Roleplay Level up to date.
  Please note that you should specify a main account (the account with the highest Roleplay Level) and link all of your alternate accounts to it, not the other way around. For example, John_Doe is my main account and I want to link my alternate accounts
  David_Bob, James_Johes, Patrick_Moon; therefore, I will link the three specified alternate accounts to `John_Doe` and not the other way around.As this system is still in its beta phase, please let us know of any glitches and remember
  to take a screenshot of your (/stats) before linking incase of the need of refund which hopefully won't be the case.
- If linked Main Account will be displayed in (/stats).
- (/premiumtag) now persists after disconnection.
• Character Sheet Update:
- A new character sheet feature has been added: crouching while clicking on a usable trait will activate/use as follows:
- Clicking on Quintessence while crouching will spend a point of Quintessence accordingly.
- Clicking on Willpower while crouching will spend a point of Willpower accordingly.
- Clicking on Rage while crouching will spend a point of Rage accordingly.
- Clicking on Gnosis while crouching will spend a point of Gnosis accordingly.
- Clicking on Conviction while crouching will spend a point of Conviction accordingly.
- Clicking on Blood Pool while crouching will spend a blood point accordingly.
- Clicking on a Gift while crouching will activate it accordingly.

Introductions & Departures / Re: ticky ticky has the clique
« on: December 22, 2019, 01:19:17 PM »

Vampire: The Masquerade / Re: Vampire Inquiries
« on: December 17, 2019, 09:48:18 AM »
Chart has been updated.

Changelog / 16th of December
« on: December 16, 2019, 09:13:51 AM »
> General Updates:
> - (/id) showing the wrong roleplay level has been fixed.
> - (/i edit) has been fixed. Special thanks to Matt for finding this error.
> - Mask system bug fixes (the bug where you have to un-equip twice has been fixed as well).
> • Vampire Updates:
> - (/dispel) has been implemented to dispel current blood buffs. (/dispel [strength/dexterity/stamina/all])
> - (/useblood) can now transfer blood points to other players (regardless of race, you can transfer a portion of your blood pool to another player); in order to do so, insert the player's id in the [reason] option.
>   For instance: (/ub 3 1) - this will transfer 3 blood points from you to player ID 1. They need to be in range of you for you to do so.
> - Blood Points per Turn are now displayed in (/cs) under `Other` header..
> - Max Blood Pool is now now displayed in (/cs) under `Other` header.
> - Max Trait Rating is now now displayed in (/cs) under `Other` header.
> - A system restriction has been added to spending blood points, the system will now prevent you from spending more than your Generation limit.
> - A system restriction has been added to buffing attributes, you are not able to buff an attribute more than ten dots; even if you spend more, the blood will simply be wasted and the specified attribute won't be buffed any further.

Changelog / 14th of December
« on: December 14, 2019, 03:36:29 PM »
• General Updates:
- It is now possible to purchase Venison from the Butcher store.
- It is now possible to buy in stacks from the General Store, it is no no longer needed to press multiple times to buy muliple times.
- Maxing out hunger and thirst renders you unable to consume more has been fixed.
- The underground cave in the wilderness has been fixed.
- (/i give) related bugs have been fixed.
- (/ub) has been renamed to (/ubp) for logic sake.
- Getting respawned by a staff members sets you back where you were has been fixed.
- (/showrpf) and (/showmf) have been fixed.
• Premium Status Updates:
- (/premiumtag) has been implemeneted for players with Premium status; whilst enabled, you will have a golden name (representing sportsmanship of Final Nights Roleplay) and your (/b) will be painted gold.
  Show off your support for Final Nights Roleplay ingame by enabling your tag. God bless FNRP.
- (/togb) has been implemented for players with Premium status.
- (/togpm) has been implemented for players with Premium status.
- (/(p)remium) chat has been implemented for players with Premium status.
- (/togpremium) has been implemented to toggle (/(p)remium) chat.
• System Updates:
- Reconnection is no longer required after (/namechange) or having a character sheet reset.
- (/staff) now distinguishes staff rank names. [e.g Werewolf Advisor Big Duck (ID: 1) (BigD)]
• Vampire Updates:
- Tzimisce Merits and Flaws from Lore of the Clans 20th Anniversary have been imported in the database.
- `Independent` Sect has been added in the `Sect` selection upon character registration.
- (/(u)se(d)iscipline) now displays dots instead of numbers when displaying the message of usage.
- Lasombra & Tzimisce have been downgraded from Roleplay Level B to Roleplay Level C.
- Drinking a blood pack when you are missing one blood point allows you to exceed Generation limitation has been fixed.
- Strength, Dexterity and Stamina buffs now show up and are calculated when rolling.

Changelog / 9th of December
« on: December 09, 2019, 10:28:53 AM »
• Roleplay Level/Points Update:
- You no longer need to ask an advisor to update your roleplay level for you. Once reaching a number of roleplay points required to level up, the system will automatically level you up to the next level.
- All newly registered players (and currently registered) have (and will be for newly registered) been given a sum of 250 Roleplay Points as default.
  Note: Decrease in Roleplay Level is done manually by advisors.
- (/stats) now informs you of how much Roleplay Points are required to reach the next roleplay level.
• Thirst/Hunger System:
- Thirst and Hunger deduction now carries penalties; having below 25 percent of either Hunger or Thirst will shake your screen
  whereas having below 15 will shake your screen and deduce your health points by one per minute.
• Character Sheet Update:
- Maximum character length has been doubled. (24 to 48)
- (/showrpf) has been implemented as a shortcut to show your Roleplay Features.
- (/showmf) has been implemented as a shortcut to show your Merits and Flaws.
- Rolling two traits together (the second being a compound trait) has been fixed. For example: [/roll stam prim] (will no longer prompt an error), same for any other compound traits.
Snowfalls are now automatically enabled upon login from December to February - if you are facing any performance issues, feel free to off it using (/snow).

A thick freezing-cold frost storm intertwines the Northern sides of Los Santos, weather forecasts reported temperature reached 7.4 Fahrenheit last night. The wave originated from the sea side of San Fierro and carried through to Los Santos, the wave originally had its way throughout Eastern Los Santos however the wind navigated its current to the northern side. As a result, most of the wilderness was rendered untraversable and diminishing all natural forms of life. The Los Santos Police Department urges all citizens to stay home and avoid traversing throughout the wilderness for their safety.

(( Supernaturals with high awareness (as for Werewolves: Primal-Urge) are able to sense that this frost storm is a result of supernatural activity, should they wish to learn more about this - feel free to join the upcoming event. ))

Introductions & Departures / Re: sup
« on: November 23, 2019, 08:59:34 AM »
Thank you niggabeater69. Very cool!

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